Fans Welcome at SBVC Athletic Events

Fans Welcome at SBVC Athletic Events

All athletic events held at San Bernardino Valley College are currently open to spectators for the fall season.

However, all spectators are asked to follow all health and safety protocols while on campus, and during athletic events.

Spectators at events held indoors in the Athletics Complex MUST wear a mask while inside, no matter their vaccination status. Social distancing is recommended, and we ask that you limit interactions with players, officials and staff members, or those outside of your family unit. After a game is complete, we ask that you wait for any student-athlete at a safe distance from others, and avoid mingling with other players.

For outdoor events, masks are still preferred for all spectators, especially when around others (concession stand, restrooms). Social distancing should be followed, and we ask that you respect the choices and personal space of other spectators.  Only cleared players, officials, staff, and game personnel are allowed on the playing surfaces or bench areas at all times. For events inside SBVC Stadium, fans are asked to remain off of the track and field after the game, meeting any student athletes at a safe place outside of the stadium, taking care not to mingle with others outside of their family unit.

Most importantly, we ask all spectators to consider their own health when deciding to attend a game at SBVC. If you are sick, or have been put in a position where you may have been exposed to Covid-19, we ask that you stay home and not put anyone else – or any future athletic events – at risk.

We are happy to have everyone return to root on the Wolverines, but we ask that all spectators respect and follow the health and safety guidelines that have been developed with the safety of the players and staff, so that we can continue to host spectators for the entire 2021-22 school year.

Fans wishing to attend SBVC road games should check with the visiting college about their current guidlelines for spectators. The Inland Empire Athletic Conference has a table listing the current guidelines at its member schools.